Dual Long Pulsed Alexandrite & Nd:YAG Laser (755nm / 1064nm)

Absorption Spectrum

Nobleen penetrates more than 4~6 mm into the skin’s surface

Adjustable Zoom Handpiece

  • Only one zoom handpiece adjusts 7 different spot sizes without requiring changing handpiece or handpiece guide.
  • Convenient use and also saving treatment hours.

Dual Cylinder Zoom Handpiece

  • When changing the spot size, two movable lenses irradiate a perfect beam profile covering all spot sizes (2mm~20mm.)
  • With FineMEC’s advanced optic technique, doctors don’t need to change handpiece or handpiece guide.

Why Fractional handpiece with 755nm?

TOTAL DOT : 220dots / DOT SIZE: 400 μm

  • New Generation with 755nm fractional handpiece. (First invented and patented by FineMEC, Korea.)
  • Fractional handpiece removes the risk of side effects of 755nm, such as hypo-pigmentation and enables more safe and effective treatment with higher fluence.
  • More than 220dots of 400 μm size brings a dramatic effect overall without the risk of hypo-pigmentation.

Penetration depth

  • Each laser possesses specific characteristics that enable it to penetrate the skin's surface at a certain depth.
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